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Lab CS+X

Welcome to the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Computer Science group.

We are located at Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in the Department of Computer Science (DCC) of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG).

Our main objective is to explore research themes in which Computer Science tools, methods and techniques are designed, implemented and fine-tuned to help advancing knowledge in any other discipline.

Currently, we conduct most of our research on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Databases, Geographic Data Modeling, Geographic Information Retrieval, Spatial Data Infrastructures and Urban Computing, with applications in mobility, planning, public health and other applied subjects.

Some of our projects are available on GitHub .

Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, 6627.
Prédio do ICEx, Room 3309.
31270-901 Belo Horizonte.

+55 31 3409-1480
clodoveu [at] dcc [dot] ufmg [dot] br

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