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 ====  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ==== ====  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) ====
-Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectetur adipiscing elitQuisque convallis mauris eget nisl bibendum elementumMorbi et dui magna. Duis pretium turpis sed lectus consequat, in porttitor libero pulvinar. Proin consequat urna eget molestie finibus. Curabitur pretium porta miat laoreet libero venenatis sit ametCras congue nisl ac lobortis congueVestibulum nulla velitauctor sit amet rutrum eucongue at nulla.+GIS are information systems that manage geographic datathat is, data that represent objects and phenomena for which geographic location is an essential feature, and indispensable for analysisGIS provide a broader perspective to information systems, since geographic aspects, such as location, geometric shape and relationships to nearby objects, can be taken into considerationWith richer representationsGIS excels ​in applications designed for various specialized activitiessuch as urban planning, environmental sustainability,​ transportation and transit, public health and epidemiology,​ demography, cartography,​ utility networks, agriculture,​ marketing and many others. 
 +GIS wide applicability and flexibility provided the basis for much evolution in data management in the last decadesThe interest on the computational representation of geography-related objects and phenomena inspired the evolution of a wide range of data management tools and techniques, including computational geometry algorithms, multidimensional data structures, spatial indexing, geographic data modeling, geographic visualizationgeostatisticsand much more
 ==== Spatial Data Infrastructures ==== ==== Spatial Data Infrastructures ====
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